The Most Powerful Cloud GPU for Deep Learning & AI.

Qunex is a leading cloud GPU provider, offering a wide range of NVIDIA cloud GPUs. Our infrastructure is designed to be the fastest and most flexible in the industry. With high-capacity dedicated clusters and adaptable on-demand virtual machines, we deliver enhanced performance powered by NVIDIA cloud GPUs. Use Qunex Cloud GPU for deep learning and AI applications.

Qunex Cloud
Qunex Cloud

Cutting-Edge Cloud GPU Infrastructure

Qunex offers a cutting-edge approach to GPU-accelerated infrastructure. By eliminating the typical complexities of driver setups and licensing, users can easily access the high-performance capabilities of Cloud NVIDIA GPUs. Consequently, this infrastructure empowers users to tackle computational tasks efficiently, leveraging the raw power and versatility of modern GPU technology.

Designed for Large-Scale Inference Tasks

Our system smoothly scales to accommodate thousands of GPU instances worldwide. As a result, this eliminates the hassle of VM or instance management. Moreover, our pricing model is straightforward and usage-based, ensuring cost-effectiveness at any scale.

Minimize Costs

With Qunex, you can save up to 50% on orchestration services compared to major providers, along with discounts on recurring plans. In addition, our pricing model ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

Accelerated GPU Processing

Efficiently distribute data batch jobs, handle HPC workloads, and manage rendering queues across a vast network of 3D-accelerated GPUs. By leveraging our infrastructure, you can achieve unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Global Edge Infrastructure

With access to low-latency edge nodes worldwide, Qunex ensures optimal performance by strategically locating workloads across the globe. This way, you can be confident that your applications will run smoothly and efficiently.

Compatibility Across Multiple Clouds

Moreover, Qunex seamlessly integrates with your existing hybrid or multi-cloud setups. Thus, you can take full advantage of our cloud GPU infrastructure without any disruptions.

Flexible On-Demand Capacity

Utilize thousands of 3D-accelerated GPUs to distribute data batch jobs, manage HPC workloads, and handle rendering queues as needed. Additionally, our infrastructure is designed to scale with your needs, ensuring you always have the resources you require.

Cost-Effective Usage

With Qunex, you can leverage low-latency edge nodes globally to optimize workload placement and reduce costs effectively. In this way, you can achieve maximum efficiency while keeping expenses under control.

Our State-of-the-Art Cloud GPU Infrastructure


The NVIDIA DGX™ B200 is a unified AI platform for develop-to-deploy pipelines for businesses of any size at any stage in their AI journey. Equipped with eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs interconnected with fifth-generation NVIDIA® NVLink®, the DGX B200 delivers top performance. It offers three times the training performance and fifteen times the inference performance of previous generations. With the NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture, the DGX B200 can handle diverse workloads, including large language models, recommender systems, and chatbots. Therefore, it is ideal for businesses looking to accelerate their AI transformation.

Cloud GPU providers - Nvidia Cloud GPU for Deep Learning
Cloud GPU providers - Nvidia Cloud GPU for Deep Learning

NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core

The NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU supercharges generative AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. Since it is the first GPU with HBM3e, the H200’s larger and faster memory accelerates generative AI and large language models (LLMs), advancing scientific computing for HPC workloads.


The NVIDIA HGX H100 combines H100 Tensor Core GPUs with high-speed interconnects to form the world's most powerful servers. We deliver state-of-the-art enterprise scale-out architecture with up to 16,384x NVIDIA H100 multi-node instances together with AI-optimized network storage solutions.

Cloud GPU providers - Nvidia Cloud GPU for Deep Learning
Cloud GPU providers - Nvidia Cloud GPU for Deep Learning


NVIDIA L40S GPUs deliver exceptional multi-workload performance. Combining powerful AI compute with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration, they are ideal for GenAI, LLM, machine learning inference and training, as well as 3D graphics, rendering, and video processing.

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