Aerospace Equipments from Telogica

Telogica Ltd has over more than 22 years of successful track record of bringing cutting edge electronic RF components, sub-systems and technologies to India since it was established in 1995. Telogica Ltd provides the best solutions through the State of the art product technologies and tied up with various reputed companies which are globally approved.


Telogica Ltd has a very good growth record and a positive growth rate throughout this 22 years track, we have supplied lot of customized testers and Sub-systems which is required by customers. The company has branch office at all over major cities to cater our customers very fast in all services.


RF Components & Instruments


  •  Oscilloscopes
  •  Logic Analyzers
  •  Signal Generators
  •  Network Analyzers
  •  EMI/EMC Analyzers
  •  Spectrum Analyzers
  •  Frequency Counters
  •  Impedance Analyzers
  •  Polarization controllers
  •  Site Analyzer
  •  RF Attenuators
  •  Signal Source Analyzers
  •  Vector Network Analyzer
  •  Scalar Network Analyzer
  •  LCR & Resistance Meters
  •  Pulse Pattern Generators
  •  Dynamic Signal Analyzers
  •  Parametric Test Equipment
  •  Bit Error Ratio Test Solutions
  •  Data Generators & Analyzers
  •  Power Meters & Power Sensors
  •  Digital Multi meters, Voltmeters
  •  Polarization extinction ratio meters
  •  Light wave, Optical Test Equipment
  •  DC Power Supplies /Power Analyzers
  •  AC Power Sources / Power Analyzers
  •  Noise Figure Analyzers & Noise Sources
  •  Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators
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Optical Instruments

We provide direct solutions and products from manufacturers all over the world.


  •  PM Fiber
  •  Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  •  SDH analyzer
  •  Ethernet Analyzer
  •  Optical power meter
  •  Optical Source
  •  Optical Attenuator
  •  Optical talk Set
  •  OTDR
  •  PM Splicing Machine
  •  CD/PMD Analyzer
  •  Optical tool kit



  •  Active Components
  •  RF Safety Products
  •  Passive Components
  •  Power supplies
  •  Electromechanical RF Switches
  •  Qudraple fiber winding machine
  •  FOG Winding machine
  •  Fiber optic Winding Machine Winding Machines
  •  DC Electronic Loads
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Micro Wave Subsystems

Optical Instruments

Other Instruments

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