Unleash Limitless Power and Potential with Telogica's Qunex Cloud GPUs!

Elevate your AI and Large Language Model training with our robust cloud GPU infrastructure. Harness NVIDIA GPUs like the DGX B200, H200 Tensor Core, HGX H100, and L40S, and enjoy seamless scalability. Power your ambitions to new heights—where potential knows no bounds!

Unleash Limitless Power and Potential With Telogica's Qunex Cloud GPUs!
Elevate your most demanding projects, from Al development to Large Language Model training, with our robust cloud GPU infrastructure. Harness the strength of cutting-edge NVIDIA GPUs like the DGX B200, H200 Tensor Core GPU, HGX H100, and L40S, and experience the freedom to scale seamlessly. It's time to power your ambitions to new heights—where your potential knows no bounds!
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Empowering India's Telecom Industry with Precision Engineering
Telogica Ltd, formerly Aishwarya Technologies and Telecom Ltd (ATTL), stands at the forefront of innovation in the Telecom sector. As a leading designer and manufacturer, we specialize in high-precision Test and Measuring Equipment, including Fiber, Data, and Copper Cable Fault Locators. Explore our extensive range of advanced solutions like Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, and OTDRs, setting new benchmarks in quality and reliability for the industry.
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Accelerate Your Future with Qunex Academy
Qunex Academy is the premier destination for cutting-edge education and training solutions. Our comprehensive resources cater to diverse learning needs, offering self-paced and live training, educator programs, and more. Whether you're an individual, team, organization, educator, or student, unlock your potential in AI, accelerated computing, data science, graphics, and simulation. Explore our latest courses on Generative AI with Diffusion Models, Omniverse Kit Applications, and efficient data science workflows, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
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The Future of
Dаtа іs Green
Power your АІ іnnovаtіons responsіbly. Telogica's green dаtаcenters
mіnіmіze envіronmentаl іmpаct whіle mаxіmіzіng performаnce
for your most demаndіng workloаds.
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Busіness Іnsіghts wіth
Enterprіse-Reаdy LLMs
Empower your business wіth аdvаnced LLMs tаіlored for enterprіse аpplіcаtіons.
Unlock іnsіghts, аutomаte tаsks, аnd drіve іnnovаtіon.
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Elevаte Your
Customer Experіence
Revolutіonіze customer іnterаctіons wіth АІ-powered cаll center solutіons.
Boost effіcіency, enhance customer sаtіsfаctіon, аnd streаmlіne operаtіons.
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Empowering Innovation With Telogica

Telogica Limited is the leаder іn the telecom sector. Telogica’s commіtment to іnnovаtіon аnd technologіcаl excellence drіves the development of Qunex cloud gpus аnd іts suіte of cloud-powered solutіons.

Equipped with All Essentials

Object Storage

Secure, scalable storage for your data needs. Effortless data management.


Managed database services for optimal performance and reliability.


Accelerate content delivery globally. Faster web performance.

One Click Deployment

Deploy apps instantly with a single click. Hassle-free setup

API & CLI Access

Streamline operations with robust API & CLI tools. Gain control.

Virtual Private Cloud

Private, secure cloud environment. Tailored for your business.

Proven and Reliable Infrastructure

Trust Telogica to handle your production workloads with ease. Our Qunex cloud infrastructure, spanning multiple regions, is engineered for exceptional performance, reliability, resilience, and security, suitable for businesses of all sizes and scales.

Equipped with Top-Tier Frameworks

Our containers come fully equipped with a comprehensive selection of the industry’s leading frameworks and libraries, ensuring your tools and resources operate seamlessly on our platform.

Cutting-edge Acceleration Technology


NVIDIA DGX™ B200 is an unified AI platform for develop-to-deploy pipelines for businesses of any size at any stage in their AI journey. Equipped with eight NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs interconnected with fifth-generation NVIDIA® NVLink®, DGX B200 delivers leading-edge performance, offering 3X the training performance and 15X the inference performance of previous generations. Leveraging the NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture, DGX B200 can handle diverse workloads—including large language models, recommender systems, and chatbots—making it ideal for businesses looking to accelerate their AI transformation.

NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core

The NVIDIA H200 Tensor Core GPU supercharges generative AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads with game-changing performance and memory capabilities. As the first GPU with HBM3e, the H200’s larger and faster memory fuels the acceleration of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) while advancing scientific computing for HPC workloads.


NVIDIA HGX H100 combines H100 Tensor Core GPUs with high-speed interconnects to form the world's most powerful servers. We deliver state-of-the-art enterprise scale-out architecture with up to 16,384x NVIDIA H100 multi-node instances together with AI optimized network storage solutions.


NVIDIA L40S GPUs deliver exceptional multi-workload performance. Combining powerful AI compute with best-in-class graphics and media acceleration — ideal for GenAI, LLM, machine learning inference and training as well as 3D graphics, rendering, and video processing.

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With great power comes great productivity.

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Innovative, efficient solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Skilled, accredited professionals ready to assist your every need.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance ensuring uninterrupted service and peace of mind.

Build on the most powerful Telogica's Qunex cloud

Experience unmatched power and scalability with our cloud infrastructure, crafted for superior performance and limitless possibilities.